(Joseph sporting his raincoat)

As a long time breeder of Jack Russell Terriers, Classic Coats was born when I grew dissatisfied with the poorly constructed, ill-fitting and overpriced dog garments that were then available.

Out of frustration, I set out to create a line of unique, beautifully constructed, functional garments sewn in the state of Maine and utilizing quality materials made in the U.S.A.

(Sylvie in her warm and wearable plaid)

Each coat is custom made to fit your dog. Classic Coats are "user friendly" with an easy Velcro® belly band closure. EACH COAT IS ONE OF A KIND! They stay put and keep your dog warm. Coats are available with a closed front or Velcro® closure. We sew for all breeds.

(Appropo attire for a Patriotic Pup)

We also pride ourselves in making special costumes and designs. Fantasy brides to amazing insects to . . .  whatever you'd like us create!

(Twin lobster costumes for a briney Halloween fete)

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